The “Partners” section of Google has 7 different exams you can take for certification. Here’s a complete breakdown:

Google Adwords

  • Fundamentals Exam
  • Search Advertising Exam
  • Display Advertising Exam
  • Video Advertising Exam
  • Shopping Advertising Exam
  • Mobile Advertising Exam

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Exam

Each of these exams has a different focus area and purpose. Passing score is 80% on all of them.

To become Google Adwords Certified, you have to pass their “Fundamentals” exam and one other exam. This gives you a certification in that area of specialty. So for example, you pass the Fundamentals exam with 85% and the Display Advertising Exam with 91%. Congratulations! You are now Google Adwords Display Certified! Same with Search, Video, Shopping, and Mobile.

And Google Analytics has one exam that covers the whole of their Analytics platform. So, you pass this one comprehensive exam, and you’re certified.

I’m officially official

Yesterday, I finished taking their series of exams that now gives me double Adwords Certification in Search and Display Advertising, as well as Google Analytics Certification.

It was a long road. I’ve been meaning to get around to finally just doing the exams and getting it done. I was sure I’d be able to pass at least the Fundamentals exam and Search exam, with a possibility for the Display. Well finally, on one fateful Thursday afternoon… I had the time to get online and take the Fundamentals exam (this was 8/18). Then I put off doing the other exams… and put them off… and put them off.

Until the next Friday night.

Side note: I obviously live an exciting life; just look at how I spend my Friday evenings…

I got some more time on Friday night and completed the Search Advertising exam. Nailed it!

Then again Yesterday, I took some time. I buckled down Sunday afternoon, 8/28. And this time, I did the Display Advertising exam and the Google Analytics exam. And once again… NAILED IT!

So, like I said, I’m now officially official! Check me out!

Also, special thanks to Johnathan Dane over at KlientBoost for helping fill in some of the AdWords blanks!