In school, we strive to get A’s. At least that’s the idea my parents threw at me. When I scored over 90% on a test or in a class, that was a sign of success. It was a sign that I knew the material that I’d been tested on. Or at least that I’d made a wonderful string of correct guesses. But usually, I’d let everyone assume it was the first one.

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of tools to grade your own account’s success. WordStream is a pretty well-known authority in the PPC world, due to their platform’s success. Plus, they’ve analyzed over $9B in ad spend. That’s “Billion” with a capital B. I’d trust their opinion. And, Larry Kim (their CEO) writes some really great content.

I’m an avid reader and follower of digital marketing. I love that PPC gives us the ability to learn and use a numbers & data intensive platform. I love being able to confidently browse through campaigns, knowing what kinds of things I’ll see when I click something. I love the measurability of it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with AdWords for the last several years. I was thrown into managing the in-house campaigns with no previous knowledge or experience. Hell, I was 18; fresh out of high school. I’ve built up my own knowledge-base and gained lots of hands-on experience. Most of it was trial-and-error, and I’m sure I had a slower start for my learning than those who were given an entry-level agency position, with a company that provides training.

Luckily, my buddies over at WordStream got my back. Even if I don’t have all of the conversational jargon down, and even if I don’t answer questions as well as I would like to. Part of this is due to my own lack of confidence. I tend to downplay my own abilities. But when push comes to shove, I can manage an AdWords account. And WordStream has my back on that one, via their AdWords Performance Grader tool.

In fact, they told me I got a 91% percent; that’s an A minus.

That one’s going on the fridge, for sure.


UPDATE: Thursday, 9/15/16


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