This is my official notice that I’ll be posting on Medium instead of here on my own website. I’ve been posting here, then reposting there with minor tweaks. After some thought and soul-searching, I have decided to post on Medium instead. Especially since my article about AI and its future role in Digital Marketing got picked up by Emergent // Future. (Check it out here!)

I love writing. Unfortunately, it’s super hard for me to carve out the time to do more of it. So I’ll be focusing my limited resources by publishing on a single platform, but continue to promote on the same channels.

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I hope to see all of you (yes, all 10 of you!) on Medium. I’ll also keep a current log of content I post on Medium below.


That’s all.



Articles on Medium since this switch:

Embrace Innovation: Digital Marketing and AI (posted in Emergent // Future)