Location: Orange County, CA

Personality Type: ENFJ (“The Protagonist“)

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business

Work Experience: I’ve been working since I was 16 – starting with cold-calling style telemarketing. My jobs have evolved over time through Accounting and Finance, Customer Support, and Sales. One day I was given a marketing project. I fell in love that day because I realized something… Successful marketing creates a measurable difference. My work affects the company’s bottom line. And at the same time, I get to work with a bunch of other awesome and talented people. Working in Digital Marketing allows me to create and optimize campaigns that have measurable results. These results, because they are so measurable, can continually be improved based on the KPI’s being measured.

Hobbies: reading – give me fiction or non-fiction – if it’s interesting I’ll read it. Drinking (socially, of course). Listening to and playing music. And walking my dog (a white miniature poodle mix named Lily).

Interests: Technology, Marketing Automation, Fitness & health, Software Development (give me agile or give me death!), Design, UX, Web Development, Online Gaming. But of course, my interests are always changing and evolving.

About my work: I’m Digital Marketer with experience in SEM (PPC & SEO), email marketing, web design, and content management. I’ve done research, setup, and execution of campaigns while staying within prescribed budgets.


Google AdWords Search Certified

Google AdWords Display Certified

Google Analytics Certified


I have succeeded.

I have failed.

Neither dictates my life.


My hope for the future guides me. My goals lead me.

I want to grow. Personally, professionally, skillfully. I want to make enough of an impact that I can travel the world. I want to work with companies who make a difference and who change the way things are done. Those who vigorously and systematically challenge the status quo. I want to work with professionals and companies who work ethically to achieve their goals. I want to make a difference by driving success through growth marketing.

If you’d like to partner with me, I have one promise I want to make to you. I’ll do everything I can – EVERYTHING WITHIN MY POWER – to make every difference I can.

Together, we can break through the noise and build something awesome.